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Perfect Days in … Lisbon

New to the excellent Marco Polo Spiral Guides is the city of Lisbon, long-time a favourite city of ours.

LisbonWe thought we knew it pretty well, and on the whole we do, but this guide has made us realise how much more there still is for us to discover in this exciting, lively and historic city.
And it would appear since our last visit new attractions have come on the scene too.
Some of our old favourites have been given well-deserved pages to themselves, rather than a mere couple of sentences.
For instance, two -pages have been devoted to the splendid Elevator built by one of Eiffel’s students that whisks locals and tourists alike between the upper and lower levels of the city; three to the stunning Museu-Escola de Artes Decorativas; and a further three to the splendid Castelo de São Jorge.
In the guide’s 219 pages are ideas for days out in the city, where to eat, what to eat, shopping and where to experience fado, as well as useful maps.
Should you want to explore outside Lisbon, there are some good suggestions for excursions an hour or so outside the centre.
Also especially useful are the Insider Info tips and we love the idea of the yellow highlighter used to draw attention to the absolute must-see or must-dos. A guide worth every penny of its price £9.99.

Perfect Days in … Lisbon a Marco Polo Spiral Guide.
ISBN: 978-3-8297-5532-0. £9.99. US $16.99.

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