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My Way Marco Polo Travel Journal

The My Way Marco Polo Travel Journal is a handy-sized travel book with a difference. Basically it contains no words, information, plots, maps or advice (apart from a few themed stickers and emoticons) – just lots of lovely blank pages waiting to be filled up by the book’s owner.
In other words the story will be told by the traveller him/herself– a travel diary.
Sensibly the book is divided into three sections – Before the Journey (handy for notes on all the things you want to do and see, things to take, etc); On the Journey and a few pages for After the Journey (memorable highlights) – plus a reasonable size pocket for keepsakes such as tickets and special post cards.
And later on, back home, it will look good on the book shelves. A splendid idea.
My Way Marco Polo Travel Journal. ISBN 978-3-8297-6949-5. £7.99 US $11.95.

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