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Marco Polo Phrasebooks– French

Some people are good at languages, others are not. I fall into the latter category, but when I am travelling I do at least like to learn a few, albeit basic, words of the country I am visiting. Consequently I have a shelf of foreign dictionaries and phrase books.

But the one that has my vote is the new range of phrasebooks brought out by publisher Marco Polo. So far the range includes French, German, Spanish and Italian.

So far we have the French phrasebook, and whilst I’m not sure I particularly want to know how to ‘rant, bitch or swear’ at least I will now know if somebody is doing it at me!

But what I really do appreciate is the ‘point and show’ photo dictionary – so useful in a flustered emergency scenario! But then so are the Food and Drink pages and those in the From A-Z section with the key words and phrases. And as usual in Marco Polo guides there are the useful Insider Tips.

We intend over the next few months to acquire the whole set of these super Phrasebooks. And please Marco Polo bring one out in Portuguese, including a section on Brazilian Portuguese.

Marco Polo Phrasebooks French, German, Italian and Spanish. RRP £6.99. Available on Amazon.

Marco Polo – Brazil

Small enough and light enough to travel with use on a recent trip to Brazil the Marco Polo Guide to Brazil was so useful.

Obviously with such a vast country as Brazil and with only 148 pages in the book it is not able to give an in depth view of this fascinating country. We particularly appreciated the pull out map of the country. We spent many hours in the air reaching our next destination and so could, in a sense, follow our route between airports.

The guide also gave us a useful overview with some good suggestions of what to see and look out for on our itinerary, the local food and drink and as we are planning a return visit – lots more suggestions too.

Marco Polo – Brazil. RRP £6.99. Available on Amazon.

 Marco Polo – Sri Lanka

High on our wish list is a visit to Sri Lanka.

From the exciting and fascinating places included in the Marco Polo Guide to Sri Lanka plus the excellent photographs it will either be a long visit, or the first of many! Not sure we will be cycling aroung Polonnaruwa, but the train from Colombo to Badulla certainly interests us.

A really inspiring little book.

Marco Polo – Sri Lanka. RRP £6.99. www.marco-polo.comAvailable on Amazon.


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