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First Choose your Congo

David Fletcher has done it again – a travel book that is also thought provoking and funny.

First Choose your CongoBrian is off on his safari holiday, this time to the Republic of Congo, along with his long-suffering wife Sandra who has heard most of Brian’s views and pronouncements before.
And who had to endure, in spite of being fully aware of the situation herself, his discourse on the two Congos.
Nevertheless, for those of us less aware of the historical and political background of the two countries, the chapter was rather useful.
Apart from meeting the other members of the safari party, plus their guides, we are introduced to the Congo’s wildlife including forest elephants, gorillas and birds, plus its abundant vegetation.
We made it to chapter two before laughing out loud, much to the consternation of fellow train passengers. The photos and their captions caused a smile too.
Where, we want to know, will Brian and Sandra be off to next? Wherever it is, we want to know about it.

First Choose your Congo. David Fletcher. ISBN: 978-1-78589-111-3. £12.99. Troubador Publishing.

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