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Drift. Volume 4: Stockholm

If anybody had told us that we would sit fascinated for an afternoon reading about Stockholm’s coffee culture we wouldn’t have believed them. But that is exactly what we did.

driftDrift devotes itself to the coffee culture in cities around the world. It says it’s a lifestyle magazine, but with some 150 pages in each issue we also call it a book – and one worthy of being kept permanently on the book shelf.
And so it was that curled up in a chair one afternoon with our own cup of coffee we set about learning more about the Swedish way of life and its coffee culture in its capital city – Stockholm.
We learned about ‘fika’ – a very civilised and worthwhile institution in our eyes – a coffee break with a cake, a pastry or a savoury snack; one to be enjoyed with friends or colleagues.
And we whole-heartedly agree with the Stockholm philosophy that good coffee should be served in stylish surroundings and drunk from well-designed cups or mugs.
Drift goes on to discuss coffee roasting, tasting and even different types of milk, alongside features about the local personalities involved with the coffee culture.
Each article is fully and beautifully illustrated with scenes ranging from pictures of Stockholm, to its residents, and of course to fika and coffee itself.
Drift. Volume 4: Stockholm, ISBN: 978-0-9862962-5-3. £16.99.

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